I just added the Gateway Module to the Motor Guide Xi-5 trolling motor. It links the trolling motor to my Lowrance HDS. I got a chance to go and run it through it’s paces and I must report that I’m very impressed. The anchor feature has been enhanced by at addition of “Anchor at cursor”,  “Anchor at way point”, as well as “Anchor here”. These are the features I’ve really been waiting for. Those features worked flawlessly. The “Heading lock” feature has also been modified to display the heading selected as well as the prop speed, and whether the prop is “ON” or “Off”, this is a very welcome addition. I can fully control the trolling motor from the HDS display or from the wireless FOB. All the new features performed exactly as advertised, I am VERY impressed with the additional features and the ease with which they operate. The only thing I would add is that the Gateway Module only has a 6 Ft. cord. It is very likely that you will need a Nema 2000 extension if your HDS is mounted on the console. Auto1