Over the course of the last few years I’ve had many questions regarding using Sonar to find fish. Without a doubt the most frequently asked question is: “How do I set my Sonar for optimal viewing”.

The two most important settings are Sensitivity and Colorline. Of course these settings are for Lowrance color units. Set your unit up for Auto Sensitivity and make the setting -2%. Then adjust the Colorline to 76%. These two settings will really get you in the ball park. For some more advanced settings we’ll adjust Noise Rejection to “Low”, and Surface Clarity to “Off”. Next set the Scroll Speed to “Normal” and Ping Speed to “17”. Turn the Fish ID “Off”. Then make sure the Fishing Mode is set to “Shallow Water”.

I’m posting two screen shots, the first one is a sonar Screen that is very out of adjustment. The second shot is what you should expect to see if your unit is set properly.

shot 24 shot 25